Ashland, Massachusetts: Camp Canine Dog Daycare and Spa

Camp_Canine_Dog_Daycare_and_Spa_LogoCamp Canine Dog Daycare and Spa
202 Pond Street
Ashland, Massachusetts
Telephone: (508) 881-7364

Like a fancy prep school, Camp Canine requires an entrance interview for prospective guests. I confess I was nervous, what with my being a large, exuberant puppy and all. Would my tail get out of control? Would I bounce when told to sit? Would I have an embarrassing accident when meeting the staff? Yes, yes,… and yes. But they accepted me anyway! Wag, wag, wag, wag. The interview is intended to make sure all guests “play well with others,” because their entire days are spent romping around outside in one of the two large play yards: either the large dog yard or the small dog yard, which I was assigned to because of my age. (Since I was still on a three-times-a-day eating schedule at the time, I was brought in for lunch and a “rest period” along with several other dogs.)

As much fun as I had with my new friends, kennels with all-day, group playtime outdoors are certainly not suitable for every dog. My little big brother The Chausman, for example, would not have enjoyed it here, what with him being a fastidious little writer and all. (Then again, he probably would have failed the entrance exam! Woof!) My five-day stay at Camp Canine was only the second time I’d slept away from home – and the first without Chaucer (he knows I love him) – so Mom was really happy I was allowed to bring my favorite blanket with me. That’s unusual enough, but then the staff WASHED MY BLANKIE before sending it home with me. Mom was REALLY impressed. The play yards were scheduled for new turf and toys, which I look forward to checking out on a future visit. (August 2008)