Author: Brontë

Eastham, Massachusetts: Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod National Seashore Salt Pond Visitor Center Route 6 Eastham, Massachusetts Telephone: (508) 771-2144 Website: Beaches! Sand! Shells! Smells!!! Dogs!!! Beaches!!! Lighthouses!!! WOOF!!!! Note from Chaucer: My young sister’s enthusiasm notwithstanding, I believe we’d best serve our fellow travelers by venturing back to these beaches on our next visit to provide a more detailed report! Although the national… Read more →

Ashby, Massachusetts: The Bark and Call Inn

The Bark and Call Inn Ashby, Massachusetts Telephone: (978) 386-1102 Website: I was a little worried when my People dropped me off here because the place is so comfy and domestic that I thought, “Is this my new home?!?” But the dogs already romping about in the fenced yard next to the Walsh family home set me straight, and… Read more →