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North Harwich, Massachusetts: Derbyfield Kennel

Derbyfield Kennel 556 Depot Street North Harwich, Massachusetts Telephone: (508) 432-2510 Website: This family-run kennel in the Mid-Cape region offers one guest feature this well-traveled terrier has seen nowhere else: visiting hours! Between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., owners may check their dogs out of the kennel – which meant Brontë and I were able to… Read more →

Ashby, Massachusetts: The Bark and Call Inn

The Bark and Call Inn Ashby, Massachusetts Telephone: (978) 386-1102 Website: I was a little worried when my People dropped me off here because the place is so comfy and domestic that I thought, “Is this my new home?!?” But the dogs already romping about in the fenced yard next to the Walsh family home set me straight, and… Read more →

Manchester, New Hampshire: Sendaishi Pet Resort

Sendaishi Pet Resort 355 Straw Road Manchester, New Hampshire Telephone: (603) 622-9684 Website: After two less than ideal stays at another Manchester-area kennel, I was thrilled to find the Sendaishi Pet Resort. In addition to what are now standard activity features at many doggy hotels – multiple play yards, swimming sessions with kennel supervisors – Sendaishi offers its furry… Read more →

Grafton, Massachusetts: Gibson Kennels

Gibson Kennels 139 Upton Street, Route 140 Grafton, Massachusetts Telephone: (508) 839-1757 Website: Gibson Kennels is a country dog’s paradise, but even a city slicker like yours truly can appreciate its down-home atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The boarding and daycare building sits on the same property as owner Bob and Mel Gibson’s horse stables and family home. The experienced… Read more →

Torrance, California: The Kennel Club Resort & Spa

The Kennel Club Resort & Spa 3301 Fujita Street Torrance, California Telephone: (310) 539-2201 Website: Whether because of their summer swimming program, their involvement in a local animal rescue group, or their phenomenal staff (which has seen little turnover in the 10 years I’ve been staying there), this is, paws down, my All-Time Yappiest Place on Earth. Expertly run… Read more →