Ashby, Massachusetts: The Bark and Call Inn

The Bark and Call Inn
Ashby, Massachusetts
Telephone: (978) 386-1102

I was a little worried when my People dropped me off here because the place is so comfy and domestic that I thought, “Is this my new home?!?” But the dogs already romping about in the fenced yard next to the Walsh family home set me straight, and then all I cared about was learning the finer points of tug o’ war. After our supper dishes were put away, I discovered that the entire guest house is just for us hounds! Like Goldilocks, I had some trouble finding the perfect crate in which to sleep. Owner/trainer Rebecca Walsh was very patient with me: She tried me in an upstairs room with several dogs, and I didn’t like it (meaning, I suppose, that I barked, but just a little bit I’m sure). Then she tried me in another upstairs room with just one quiet dog, and I didn’t like that place either. And then she moved me downstairs to a room with no other dogs – and I slept like a puppy. With cozy fireside naps in winter, and the promise of wooded hikes in warmer weather, a visit to The Bark and Call Inn is like a mini country vacation at a canine B&B. Since we live not far over the state line in New Hampshire, I know I’ll be back for overnight stays and “day boarding.” – also known as “running around for hours on end so I arrive home an exhausted, happy hound.” And I’ve heard that my People are setting up a few in-home training sessions with Rebecca Walsh. Apparently, someone in our house has a jumping problem. (February 2009)

The Bark and Call Inn Ashby, Massachusetts