Celebrate National Dog Day With Free Shipping – and a Hot Dog Donation to the MSPCA!

The Bowtie GuyYup, a whole package of hot dogs! Or a package of string cheese. Or a new squeaky toy. The good people at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, Massachusetts – where I spent some time earlier this year – use hot dogs and string cheese for training the dogs there. And to honor NATIONAL DOG DAY today, Chaucer and I will be donating one item from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm canine wish list for each book or bookish/doggish item sold on our website between now and midnight this Sunday E.S.T. And I’ll even cover the cost of shipping for you. (Make sure to use the necessary coupon codes below!)

But first, you might have a few questions…. Just what is National Dog Day? And who is this fellow in the bowtie? National Dog Day was started in 2004 to raise awareness of how many dogs await adoption in our country.

And I? Well, I was once one of those sad dogs.

Turned in to a local animal welfare officer by my supposedly forever family just before my 14th birthday, I ended up at Nevins Farm. It was there that Chaucer’s people eventually found me. They immediately dubbed me the “new old guy” and let me take over as the Director of Marketing for Canterbury Tails Books – with a wardrobe of bowties befitting the stature of such an important job. Being almost completely deaf doesn’t affect me in my work either. In fact, it’s easier to work when I can’t hear all the squeaking of toys and gossipy barking of my co-workers.

So here are those codes you need; our checkout system will let you enter both of them:

  • dogdaymspcadonate2016 (use this one for us to donate to the MSPCA)
  • dogdayfreeshipping2016 (use this for the free shipping)

Both expire Sunday at midnight!