Book Signing and Art Demonstration, New Ipswich Library, New Ipswich, New Hampshire

Book Signing and Art Demonstration
New Ipswich Library
Thursday 14 August 2008
New Ipswich, New Hampshire

Illustrator John Clarke joined me at my hometown library for a tail-wagging good time with the local kids (and members of the local Red Hat Club, as you can see from the photographs…) to mark the official launch of Learning Is Cool… It’s the First Day of School! After I read from the book and handled the Q&A portion of the presentation, I turned the floor over to John and settled in for a rest. He took suggestions from the audience (“Do Chaucer with an octopus!” “Draw Chaucer flying a plane!”) and thrilled the crowd with his rapid execution of illustration after delightful illustration, each in just a matter of minutes. Almost a dozen lucky fans took home a “John Clarke original”!

Book Signing and Art Demo at the New Ipswich Library