Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Popovers on the Square

Popovers on the Square
8 Congress Street
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Telephone: (603) 431-1119
Website: PopoversontheSquare.com

My People first tried Popovers on a bitter winter afternoon during a leisurely drive up the windswept coast of New Hampshire and Maine. I recall huddling in the car with our take-out picnic: hot soup, sandwiches (including a delicious Cuban pork ciabatta creation from which I was offered several tidbits), coffee and pastries. We returned this summer and sat at one of the restaurant’s many outdoor tables with a view of the historic buildings and interesting shops in Market Square. The food was just as good as the first time – and my new little sister Brontë and I met many other dogs there, too! My Editor is looking forward to trying their afternoon tea on another visit – or perhaps ordering a special occasion cake from the decadent bakery display case.

Popovers on the Square Portsmouth, New Hampshire