Peterborough, New Hampshire: The Bagel Mill

The Bagel Mill
145 Grove Street
Peterborough, New Hampshire
Telephone: (603) 924-0887

The walls here are decorated with photographs, hundreds of them, of people the world over posing with… a plain bagel! There’s a Masai warrior with a bagel at the end of his spear, and a bagel at the Great Wall of China. Name a famous tourist spot and you can probably find a snapshot of someone holding or looking at or wearing or staring through a plain bagel there. So you’d think someplace this fun and quirky would serve something other than the ubiquitous, rather bitter, and completely ordinary Green Mountain Coffee! (Dean’s Beans, anyone?) In any event, terriers are not that into coffee, and we’re very into bagels, so I like this place with its pretty garden, its rickety benches and well-worn brickwork, just fine. The wi-fi access is a bonus, since I never know when I’ll need to check my fan mail. (August 2008)

The Bagel Mill Peterborough, New_Hampshire