Photo Shoot: Birch Mountain Day School, Manchester, Connecticut

Photo Shoot
Birch Mountain Day School
Thursday 5 June 2008
Manchester, Connecticut

Talk about a royal welcome! When the Chaucer Bus pulled up to Birch Mountain Day School, Mrs. Minicucci’s kindergarten hailed me from the windows as if I were a celebrity! We spent a great morning together. The kids read to me from their favorite books. I helped them practice their songs for the year-end concert. We even took a walk outside so I could teach them the proper way to hold a dog on a leash. The day of my visit was “mermaid day,” so before I left, the class presented me with a prettily decorated shell strung on a ribbon which they had made just for me. These photo shoots are a wonderful way to meet new friends!

June 2008 Photo Shoot at the Birch Mountain Day School