Provincetown, Massachusetts: Wired Puppy

Wired Puppy
379 Commercial Street
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Telephone: (508) 487-0017

Wired Puppy Provincetown, MassachusettsWhat better place for a literary terrier and his coffee-loving People to write and relax than the Wired Puppy – a specialty coffee and tea bar where the computer and wifi access is free, the brews have names like Sweet Puppy Love and Hair of the Dog, and anything breakable is above tail-wagging height. For most dogs, that is. Owner Donna Vaillancourt (seen here trying to photograph a certain famous visitor) says she’s had customers bring in a St. Bernard, a wolfhound, and a mastiff. A Rhodesian ridgeback named Blue is a regular. (Let me draw your attention, however, to the photo here in which my little sister Brontë is being greeted outside.) From the murmurs of praise as my People sipped their cups of French-pressed Ethiopian Idido brew, the coffee at this place ranks among the best they’ve tasted anywhere. At least, I think that’s what they said. My new buddy Coco and I were making too much noise munching biscuits The Boy was passing out to us to hear with perfect clarity. “This is such a dog-friendly town,” Vaillancourt says of Provincetown, where she’s been a full-timer for the last decade after making what she calls a “graceful exit” from corporate America. “A large number of residents have at least two dogs.” Bring yours on in the next time you’re in the area – Coco will be watching out the window for you. (March 2009)

Wired Puppy Provincetown, Massachusetts