Tucson, Arizona: Enoteca Pizzeria Wine Bar

Enoteca Pizzeria Wine Bar
58 West Congress Street
Tucson, Arizona
Telephone: (520) 623-0744

Many downtown office workers and concert- and theater-goers know Enoteca as a convenient spot to meet friends after work or to enjoy a simple Italian meal before a performance. As an aficionado of pizza crust, this terrier wishes to spread the word that Enoteca is a most dog-welcoming restaurant as well. The outside tables fill up quickly on clement evening – especially on Wednesdays when the restaurant features live music – but if you call ahead, the hostess will reserve a table for you and our own pizza-pie-living pooch. Although online reviews of this establishment are quite mixed, my People enjoyed their pizza margarita and a bottle of red while taking in the jazz performance.