Tucson, Arizona: Barrio Food and Drink

135 South 6th Avenue
Tucson, Arizona
Telephone: (520) 629-0191

Barrio Restaurant Tucson, ArizonaAlthough this popular restaurant receives good reviews, friends visiting from New York tried it out and had quite a very impression of the place. (“Terrible atmosphere,” said my lady friend, a designer of high-end men’s furnishings. “Maybe the lights were so bright so we could see that both my fork and wine glass were dirty.”) Since she did add that the wine they chose was excellent and they enjoyed the food – when it arrived – I thought we’d give the place the benefit of the doubt and attribute these unfortunate details to a really bad day. After all, one must make a few compromises when dining out with man’s best friend. I’m happy to report that we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Barrio. My People made a meal of the soup of the day – something delicious with squash – and an assortment of appetizer plates, accompanied by a bottle of wine from the “quite acceptable” wine list. The restaurant was a short stroll from Hotel Congress, where we were staying, but for anyone not comfortable walking around downtown, the lot has ample parking. Open until midnight Fridays and Saturdays.