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Three Men in a Boat

(To Say Nothing of the Dog) Jerome K. Jerome “Fox-terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs.” So wrote Jerome K. Jerome, one of my Editor’s favorite authors for road-trip reading, in this charmingly hilarious book. While his description of my noble breed seems just a tad bit exaggerated, Jerome’s tale is… Read more →

Travels with Charley

John Steinbeck “I’ve lost the flavor and taste and sound of it,” said John Steinbeck. “I’m going to learn about my own country.” And off he set on a several-month trek across the United States in 1960 with his giant poodle Charley, exploring the landscape and conversing with his fellow Americans. At times it seems he discovered as much to… Read more →

Dog Bless America

Tails from the road Jeff Selis My People frequently put this book out for weekend guests (along with Hyacinth Bucket’s Book of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate, but I digress). Yet this is more than just a cute, mini coffee table book chronicling one man’s attempt to meet and photograph one dog from every state in the nation. After… Read more →