Nashua, New Hampshire: Greeley Park

Greeley Park
105 Concord Street
Nashua, New Hampshire

The shade cast by its abundant collection of mature trees is reason enough to visit this beautiful, old-fashioned city park on a hot summer’s day. From wide expanses of well-tended grass to woodland trails, the property – donated by a resident of the city more than 100 years ago – is a dog and kid’s paradise. I’ve heard the place is a trifle crowded on weekends, but during our mid-week visits this summer we found only intimate gatherings of moms and tots, random picnickers, and an elderly gentleman reading in a lawn chair he’d plopped down under one of the enormous trees. A small playground some distance from a fenced wading pool are the two areas specifically intended for kids; a short metal post a few yards from the pool was the ideal place to attach my leash so that I could watch The Boy cavort in the water without being in anyone’s way. An outdoor theater features summer Shakespeare productions and, on my most recent visit, preparations were under way for the 55th annual Greeley Park Arts Show. And for those people, and pups, who could use a snack after all their play, I noticed a vendor selling cool drinks and hot dogs on the Concord Street sidewalk during that visit, too. (August 2008)

Greeley Park Nashua, New Hampshire