Birch Mountain Day School: Best-Ever Birthday Party!

Best-Ever Birthday Party!
Birch Mountain Day School
Wednesday 4 March 2009
Manchester, Connecticut

To celebrate my 15th birthday, I loaded up the Chaucermobile with my family and took a jaunt down to Birch Mountain Day School, where I’d done a photo shoot last year for Learning Is Cool… It’s the First Day of School. My little friends there had created beautiful handmade cards for me – and they lined up class by class to deliver them in person. I felt like royalty! And then… I got my very own real birthday cake! From the local dog barkery, Leaps and Bones, it was quite a treat. After several hours of ear rubs and back scratches, large bowls of water and the occasional pizza crust, I slept the entire two hours home. As is of course proper, I sat down to handwrite one of my HUGE thank-you cards to all my Birch Mountain buddies the very next day. I hope the mailman could fit it in his bag! I would also like to thank my online pen pals – Miss Fergi, Jake, and Farfel – for their sweet birthday messages and wishes on my special day. Woof!

Chaucer Birthday at Birch Mountain Day School