Amarillo, Texas: Whataburger

3620 East Interstate 40
Amarillo, Texas
Telephone: (806) 378-9652

Chaucer lying in wait for an unsuspecting burger buyer.
Lying in wait for an unsuspecting burger buyer.

The Whataburger at exit 72B in Amarillo, Texas is a regular lunch/dinner break during my cross-country treks. Like many of the chain’s locations along this stretch of I-40, this Whataburger restaurant is right off the interstate, so you can fill your tummy and your fuel tank in one stop. Although it has no outdoor tables, it does have a wide, grassy area at the edge of the parking lot (across from where the photo here was taken). Toss down a picnic blanket, stretch out those legs, and feast! Just watch out for the birds nesting in the wide tree there at certain times of the year. I need say no more.

Burger fans may argue over the respective merits of Whataburger and In-N-Out; as far as this terrier is concerned, a special lunch at either one is a Very Good Thing.