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Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona: Kitt Peak National Observatory

Kitt Peak National Observatory Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona Telephone: (520) 318-8726 Website: Starry, starry night… Perched atop a wind-blasted mountaintop named for 19th century settler Kitt Peak, this site supports the world’s most diverse collection of astronomical observatories for nighttime astronomy and daytime study of the Sun. In fact, the magnificently large sun telescope was the Very Coolest Thing… Read more →

Arlington, Virginia: Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, Virginia Telephone: (703) 607-8000 Website: As at the UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico, my People decided to ask about the cemetery’s pet policy on an impulse, when passing through the D.C. area. While not advertised, well-behaved dogs on leashes are allowed inside the grounds. With only an hour to go until closing, we made… Read more →

Roswell, New Mexico: International UFO Museum and Research Center

International UFO Museum and Research Center Roswell, New Mexico Telephone: (800) 822-3545 Website: Friendly, knowledgeable docents at this oasis in the middle of the New Mexico desert answer questions for visitors trying to make up their own minds about the “Roswell Incident.” No conspiracy theorist myself, I was rushing through the museum with my Editor in search of photo… Read more →